Product Reviews

air bags review

BWoody 18+ F-150 Lowered/ Flipped Axel - Air Bag Kit

“No doubt, some of the best quality in parts that I have had shipped to me in a long time. The welds look amazing and the coating on the parts appears to be exceptional quality. The kit installs within an hour and if you’re looking to make your lowered truck completely functional to tow, this is the kit to get!"

hellcat intake review

BWoody Hellcat 5" Velocity Plus Intake

“If you love America, cold beer and making your supercharger whine more than a millennial then this intake is for you! This intake will make your Hellcat sound and look so good, it'd make Bill Clinton start blushing. Would recommend to your brother, cousin, sister, aunt, uncle, 5lb 8oz baby Jesus and any Lynard Skynard mullet rocking budweiser pounding American.”